A project and to-do list, Eisenhower matrix style (free pdf)

Like many musicians and other creative people, I'm can always stand to be more business-minded. In an effort to get more organized, I customized a version of the famous task list matrix first thought up by President Eisenhower. My wife wisely encouraged me to make it so that I have to write items in by hand, for that extra cognitive connection to the mind (it's been proven). Along with the standard 4 quadrant list [Urgent and Important, Important but Not Urgent, Urgent but Not Important (Delegate), Not Urgent, Not Important (Delete)], I also included a daily repeat box for things like exercise, going to bed earlier, meditating, etc.. Here's a blank pdf template you can download and print out letter-size; I laid it out so that if you fold it along the dotted lines into two columns across and three sections down, it'll fit in most wallets (at least it does in mine).

Task list matrix pdf, free download